Yardbird Suite - Level 3 or 4 (SSATB with Rhythm Section)

This is a fun and special arrangement was written to pay tribute to jazz trumpet icon Roy Hargrove and legendary alto saxophonist Charlie Parker, and it swings hard with minimal and highly accessible ensemble parts in addition to lots of solos.  I have indicated that this chart could be either Level III or Level IV because there is an optional chorus of the chart (letters “E” through “H”) that features a combination of the transcribed Roy Hargrove trumpet solo and Charlie Parker alto sax solo sung by solo vocalists.  If you prefer to leave it out, you can skip to the improvisation section at letter “I” and you’ll have a Level III arrangement.  If you tackle the Hargrove/Parker solos, you’ll have a Level IV — your call.  There’s also a layered improvisation section that builds to the end.  If you want to feature soloists both in melodic and improvising roles, this chart has what you’re looking for!


$75 for a Digital Download PDF containing Director's Score, Vocal, Piano, Guitar, Bass, and Drum parts.

Chart Demo Recording

Yardbird Suite

UNT Jazz Singers

Original recording of this arrangement, performed by Kathryn Sherman, Rachel Azbell, Suzie Reese, Andrew Patrick, and Tyler Thomas (UNT Graduate Students from within UNT Jazz Singers); June Lee (pno), Ethan Ditthardt (gtr), Eric Hitt (bass), and Josh Calef (drums). Released on the UNT Jazz Singers album, "I Carry Your Heart" (2022).

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Perusal Score

A watermarked perusal copy of the cover, arranger's notes, vocal part, and first pages of all other parts and score.