"My Funny Valentine" Accompaniment Track Bundle
  • "My Funny Valentine" Accompaniment Track Bundle
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Three MP3 files containing keyboard, guitar, bass and drum set accompaniment.
1. The first file that says “Full Accompaniment” is just the entire track minus the vocals – fine for rehearsal run-throughs or when there isn’t another person to help manage or work with files, but likely not to “fit” during the section in the middle where the music is a cappella vocals for a bit. 2. The second and third files are labeled as “Pt. 1” & “Pt. 2” where Part 1 corresponds to a track that starts on the measure where the bass would come in on beat 4. If someone is able or willing, they could start the track on that downbeat as someone else is either conducting or the vocalists self-conduct. That track ends on the fermata before the a cappella bridge section of the chart. The Part 2 track then would be started at the end of that section and continue to the end of the song.

You could also use the Part 1 & 2 accompaniment tracks in a number of other ways, like pasting them into a DAW and putting some click in between to help the vocalists stay together during the break, or whatever would suit your situation!

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