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Saturday, August 20th, 2011 4:23 PM - Vocal Jazz at UNT - This is my newest artistic venture, formed along with Kerry Marsh, Julia Dollison & Greg Jasperse.  A touring & recording vocal quartet singing cutting-edge vocal jazz and other genre-bending stuff!   Check it out! - This is the LA-based professional a cappella vocal group that I joined in January, 2005, and continue to sing with, despite our long-distance geographical nature now!  Please visit the website and get on our mailing list so you can find out where we'll be playing and when. - Interlochen Center for the Arts is the wonderful summer camp and year-round Arts Academy for students - The Jazz Education Network will be a very important resource for not only students and educators, but professional musicians as well. (It is being formed now and will fill the hole left by the demise of IAJE.) - UNC Jazz Press is the largest catalogue of vocal jazz arrangements (including mine!) currently in existence - This is Jamey Aebersold's site; I teach at his Summer Jazz Workshop (focused almost exclusively on improvisation) each summer with my husband, and it's a terrific, intense couple of weeks! Also, outstanding resources for all jazz musicians, including the famous Play-Along CDs and an amazing catalog of historic jazz recordings. - This is the site for the outstanding music publisher for whom I write most now: Sound Music Publications, run by Frank De Miero and Ken Kraintz. They publish choral and vocal jazz repertoire at ALL levels (elementary on up) and are phenomenal with customer service --- they really have the customer's needs at heart. - 2 Worlds Interactive is my gifted web designer’s site; thanks, Judy!
Here are some spiritual resources that I use: - Elisabeth Elliott is one of my favorite all-time Christian authors; a true inspiration and a woman whose pursuit of godliness I aspire to emulate. - A fantastic Christian parenting resource. - Circles: Ripples of Faith & Friendship is a really neat blogspot by one of my dearest friends who is also a terrific writer (and published author). All about women's friendships and journeys of faith. Cool stuff! - Today In The Word is the daily devotional reading that I use to help keep me focused on God and keep things in perspective in my daily life! - World Vision is a truly amazing organization doing wonderful things, especially for children, around the world. Check out their innovative "Gift Catalog" for a cool way to make a tremendous impact.
And lastly, here are some some of my favorite musician's and friend's sites (no, I'm not telling you what they are --- be surprised and go visit!):
Eric Bradley:
Bill Cantos:
Elin Carlson:
Steven Curtis Chapman:
Julia Dollison:
Monique Donnelly:
Rosana Eckert:
Matt Falker:
Kathleen Grace:
Keith Hall:
The Hi-Lo's:
Greg Jasperse:
Johnaye Kendrick:
Nancy King:
Kristin Korb:
Kerry Marsh:
Babbie Mason:
Mark Murphy:
The New York Voices:
John Proulx:
The Real Group:
Kate Reid:
The Singers Unlimited:
Tierney Sutton:
Take 6:
Michele Weir: